Wanna save a little more on groceries?

So I’m actually super pumped about this new way to save a little extra money. Probably because I got my first $20 from it this week (hooray!). Plus it’s pretty simple. If you add this one little extra step and use it along with my tips to cut your grocery bill in half, you’ll have a little extra in your pocket in no time.

Download the app Ibotta to your phone (or if you’re on your phone just click the affiliate link here). They give you $10 right off the bat if you use the code kmnofyn when you join (free money, y’all! I love it!). Then search their offers to find the groceries you’re buying. Once you get home, just scan the item with your phone and take a picture of your receipt and BOOM! Cash back. Offers change constantly so I always try to get on once a week before my trip to the grocery store. Even if you haven’t bought any of the name brands they’re offering they will often run “any item, any name brand” offers. And they’ll let you redeem week old receipts. Bought toilet paper last week and there’s an offer this week? No problem! Just upload your receipt. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Our cash back this week helped us pay for my step-daughter’s fourth birthday party! What are you going to do with the money you save?

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