Why the F do I blog anyway?

This was the one post I told myself I wasn’t going to write. I just find mission statements to be cheesy. And really, let’s be honest, who reads them anyway? Not me.

My son and I went to the doctor this week for his weight check as we normally do. But this week as the doctor walks into the exam room she says to me, “O, I wish you would’ve been here just 20 minutes earlier.” My immediate reaction is; “Well we’re on timeI didn’t know that we needed to be early but…” and she cuts me off by telling me she just saw a mother whom she told to begin supplementing with formula and she felt like talking to me would have really helped her.

Huh. Funny that my very first blog post was about just that and some of the feelings that came along with it.

She went on to say that she could see the hurt in her eyes and we talked about that horrible feeling of failure that I also went through. That’s when I knew I had to write this post.

As a mom you’re extremely hard on yourself whether you are aware of it or not. You’re constantly trying to do what you think is best for your child and when life doesn’t go to plan (let’s be real- does it ever?) you blame yourself for something you have absolutely no control over. If I can help just one Mom through that difficult time, whatever it may be, then I have achieved my goal.

My want to help people really started a few years ago. About 3 to be exact. My dad passed away unexpectedly when I was 23. At that moment everything changed for me. Up until that point I was completely happy just continuing to do what I had been doing. I was happy with where I was in life. It’s like a switch went off in my brain. Suddenly it wasn’t enough. I wanted more out of life. I had been in the food service industry for about six years at that point, and bartending was just no longer fulfilling to me. I wanted to be there for people. I wanted to help them, but how?

And so began the soul searching. For awhile I was trying to do search and rescue but then I moved out of Phoenix to be closer to my newly-widowed Mother and there just wasn’t a call for that in a small, midwestern town. Then I thought maybe forensics was where I belonged, but again the jobs were few and far between. I continued working in food service, but felt really lost. It just wasn’t where I wanted to be anymore. I ended up getting the management job I had been looking for the past few years and thought surely this was it. After all, it’s what I had wanted for so many years. But I just couldn’t shake the feeling of wanting more.

And then I had my son.

And honestly, life wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies like I thought it should be. Then it dawned on me: I wanted to help other Moms specifically. If I’m struggling with something surely someone else is too and maybe I can help them through it.

Maybe I can save them from the mistakes I made.

At the very least they will know that they aren’t alone.

So now when I’m struggling, it’s been a rough day, I’m stressed out, and my hormones are going crazy, I write. And I write what I wish someone would tell me.

And here we are.

One last thing, Mama. In case no one told you today; you’re beautiful, you’re loved, and you’re doing great. Keep going.


    1. Kayla

      Thank God! Sometimes I feel like some Mom blogs have these “holier than thou” mission statements and I just can’t get with it so I tried to stay as far away from that as possible. I’m nowhere near perfect and I don’t know it all. I’m just like any other mom trying to figure it out as I go.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. pearlsandgrit

        I love it! You say it like it is and I respect it. *wonders about my “mom blog mission statement and how it comes across* 🤨 lol! I’m excited to see more from you.

        Liked by 2 people

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