Growth Spurts, Growing Pains, and Breastfeeding

I don’t know why I never thought of it before, but I should’ve known that when your baby is going through a growth spurt that their feeding habits would change. It’s just not something that ever crossed my mind. Thankfully my angel of a lactation consultant called me this week to talk about what to expect.

Babies generally go through two big growth spurts, one at 3 months and another at 6 months, which means we’re coming up on the first one pretty quick. That means the baby is going to cluster feed more often, sometimes what feels like all day. Let them. They’re trying to gear up your body to produce more in the weeks to come. They also go through growing pains and suckling is their comfort (and mine won’t take a pacifier to save his life, so this Mama is stuck). Don’t freak out thinking you’re not producing enough (I did and spent tons of money on supplements and contraptions, so I’ll soon do a product review and tell you what’s worth it and what’s not). I know it’s hard to trust your body because you’re constantly worried about your little, but don’t give up. For tough times like this I highly recommend finding yourself a lactation consultant who can remind you that this is a normal stage all babies go through and that it won’t last forever. Most hospitals offer this service for free, so be sure to ask.

Sometimes you just need to hear a professional tell you that everything is ok. I’ve needed to remind myself multiple times this week, specifically as I sat in a gas station parking lot feeding my boy for 40 minutes when he had just eaten 30 minutes before. Being a parent is hard, so please take full advantage of all the extra support you can. It will put your mind at ease and you’ll sleep so much better at night, trust me.


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