The Versatile Blogger Award

I was nominated by a fellow mom- blogger and horse- lover, Pearls&Grit. I’m extra ecstatic since I’m just starting out and so touched that another mom found the things I share interesting and helpful. Her posts are so uplifting (She’s currently on a journey to become a life coach- need I say more?) and her views on life are so relatable (this post on aluminum foil made my whole week). So go check her out and show some love.

The stipulations that follow this award is that you must state seven facts about yourself in order to put more of a face behind your blog, which I’m all about. The problem being that I’ve dedicated the past how many months (2 and a half or so)  to another human being other than myself, so to come up with seven facts is quite a challenge, but here goes nothing.

  1. My TV really only needs to have two channels on it; the Food Network and the ID Channel. I never watch anything else. Judge me if you must.
  2. I have a Mountain Dew addiction. I blame my parents. It’s what was always around as a kid. But in the way addictions go, it could be much, MUCH worse.
  3. It takes me two cups of coffee before you can even speak to me in the morning. My old office- mate will attest to this. This was not something I picked up from my parents this time so I can only blame myself. Both of them found coffee disgusting. In fact, when I started drinking it in high school the only coffee maker we had was the one they had gotten for their wedding back in the 80’s.
  4. My son is named after my dad’s favorite beer. Being as I’ve been a bartender for so long, it’s really only fitting.
  5. My first marriage failed miserably and I swore to myself I’d never get remarried. How was I supposed to trust someone so completely again? I struggled with self-hate. Who would ever want to be with a 22 year-old divorced woman? I’m here to tell you, plenty of people. If you’re going through a divorce or separation and are struggling with similar feelings, keep your chin up and keep going. It wasn’t meant to be, and you have to let go to let better things fall into place.
  6. My current husband and I were high school sweethearts. We went our separate ways only to have paths cross again. He’s everything I never expected anyone to be. He supports my crazy endeavors completely, picks up the pieces when I fall apart, and comforts me when I feel lost.
  7. I LOVE lists. I make to-do lists, grocery lists, lists of lists I need to make, and now a list of random facts about me. It was most enjoyable, actually.

I solemnly swear to make more lists. Starting with this one; my 15 nominations. I read a wide variety of things, so scroll through and try something new!

  • Life As Bianca Blog– This beautiful woman is just so relatable and uplifting.
  • Mohamad Al Karbi– He has such a wide range of topics and the words flow seamlessly from his brain to the page. I can only aspire to express myself as articulately as he can.
  • A Grief Shared– Talk about chills. This man brings me to tears every time I read his work. I’ve watched my mom go through similar feelings and I’m so thankful he decided to share these hardships with the world.
  • Krista Lynn Jones– She has such an incredible story and is a fellow mommy blogger. I can’t wait to read more.
  • The Naiems Blog– He’s a breath of fresh air in this consumerism society. So inspiring.
  • The Every Guy– This single dad is so real and unfiltered.
  • The Snortle Pug Minute– I’m also a dog mom and I love that she not only has regular recipes, but dog food recipes as well (and its great to know I’m not the only one that makes their dog food).
  • Flavia– This blog focuses on informing. The mission is to “learn new things every day” and I just love that!
  • Diary of a Twenty Something– As a fellow twenty-something, I totally relate.
  • Liss Journal– She has a wide variety of work but I love her letter to her son
  • James Travel Photos– absolutely beautiful pictures of places around the world you wouldn’t always necessarily think of as a tourist attraction.
  • Eat With Enzo– Drop dead gorgeous food pictures and recipes to match! I’m actually making the carbonara recipe tonight.
  • How to Get Everything You Ever Wanted– She writes about all aspects of her daily life and the struggles and joys of being a mom.
  • Diary of a Disney Mom Blog– I feel that we have a similar goal in mind- she has great tips when it comes to mommy life (and who doesn’t love the occasional Disney post?)
  • The Snazzy Mom– This brave woman has tips on flying with littles and many other how-to’s. Extremely helpful for new moms like myself.

This really made me step outside of my little mom-blog box and enjoy such a diverse world of blogging in general. Thanks again, Pearls&Grit!


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