My Little Pony Birthday Party

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I’ve slacked off this past week on blog posts because I’ve been planning this fourth birthday party for my step-daughter. Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I think it went pretty well. She absolutely LOVED all the decorations, which to be honest weren’t all that difficult to put up (I can’t do anything that requires two hands for very long because the baby just does not put up with it). We have this cute little full basement that we use as a play/entertainment area complete with my own bar area and retro fridge, so we set everything up down there, with the food buffet style on the bar so the kids could play while the adults ate and socialized.

Now ya’ll should know that I’m a pinterest mom. When I need to plan something the first place I go is pinterest. I found this absolutely adorable idea for a table set up from so I rushed off to the dollar store to pick up some streamers and balloons (we roll strictly low-budget here, ok?).

It turned out so adorable. Check out Swift Thinkin’s version here. Simple and so cute right? I just grabbed streamers in every color they had and a package of white balloons (and I did dish out a few extra dollars for a balloon inflator thing- because like I said, the amount of time I have two working hands is VERY limited nowadays, and I was able to get all those balloons done in mere minutes. Find that contraption here). Then I just threw a yellow, dollar store table cloth over the bar and started setting up the food.

On the opposite wall we put up this huge wall hanging that I found on Amazon that really helped set the scene.


Its the perfect backdrop for pictures and was only $6 and some change, took all of 5 minutes to put up, and really livened up my plain white wall (to order one just click the picture- Amazon to the rescue!). Then at Walmart I ended up finding a My Little Pony tablecloth for a few bucks and my genius mother goes, “Well why don’t you tape it to the floor and all the kids can have a picnic?” That’s why they pay her the big bucks, people. She’s a life saver.


We taped that sucker down right in front of the My Little Pony scene setter and they picnic’d right there in the meadow with the ponies. They also decided they wanted to color the tablecloth (and I’m all for creativity) so we grabbed some washable markers and let them go at it.


While we are on the topic of creativity, I grabbed her Melissa and Doug easel right before the party and sketched out a little Rainbow Dash for them to color.

For food we really just had a collection of little things, nothing too fancy. My mother in law made her famous mac and cheese and my mom made these hawaiian ham and cheese sliders that I’m obsessed with. I threw some cocktail weiners in a crockpot with some barbecue sauce and at the last minute made these delicious no bake peanut butter bars from the Pioneer Woman. But the star of the show at any birthday party is the cake, right? And oh my, the cake…


My best friend made the cupcakes this year. You can’t tell me that those aren’t the most adorable things you’ve ever seen in your life. And I think I squealed with delight when I bit into one. As if it wasn’t enough to tie-dye both the cake and the frosting and then put My Little Pony toppers on them. Oh, no. I literally squealed with delight when I bit into one.


THERE’S SPRINKLES INSIDE THE FREAKIN’ THINGS. I think I was more excited than the kids. But I mean who wouldn’t be excited about cupcakes like that?! For real. If ya’ll are in the area, you should check her out. She’s affordable, the cake melts in your mouth, and her creations are always picture perfect (If you click the pictures it will send you to her facebook page- just shoot her a message).


To be totally honest most parties I throw rotate around food and drinks. I’m not much of a game person. Especially kids games at this age because getting them all to participate and cooperate is a lot like herding cats, but I did find this cute idea on Pinterest for Rarity’s gem hunt. It’s pretty much like an Easter egg hunt, but with gems, and what kid doesn’t love Easter egg hunts?


So all we did was order one bag of these, get some paper bags (we did plain ones so they could decorate if they wanted), hide them right before the party, then told the kids Rarity lost all her gems and needed help finding them. They loved it! It afforded me a little more time to get all the food out on the table before they started devouring it, and didn’t take an absurd amount of time to plan. And every kid loves a little take-away somethin’ somethin’ from a party.

Anyway, huge, HUGE thanks to everyone that helped, specifically my mom and my mother and father-in-law, for bringing food and doing various favors, and my best friend Sharlyn for the beautiful cupcakes. And another big thank you to everyone that came and made her birthday super special! She had a blast.

Don’t forget to check out how we saved enough money this month to afford this party here.


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