Pink Rhino

So here we are again with another drink recipe I had to pull out of my ass to sell some gross liquor this manager (who shall remain nameless) decided to buy TONS of because it was cheap.

The last drink recipe was my favorite, this one is the crowd favorite. After I started making this we blew through the back stock in three days. So without further adieu…

1 bottle of grapefruit vodka (to be fair the Smirnoff grapefruit is good stuff. Unfortunately that is NOT what I had to work with at the restaurant)

32 oz bottle of lemon juice

1 package of raspberries (6 oz)

2 jars of simple syrup (28 oz each)

1 cup of water

5 or 6 mint leaves, plus a few extra for garnish

1 lemon for garnish (optional)

Start by pouring your lemon juice into a pitcher.

Then muddle your raspberries (check out my super professional muddler- my wooden spoon) and dump the mashed up raspberries into your pitcher.

Next make your simple syrup. It’s just 50% sugar, 50% hot water so the sugar dissolves completely. We reuse everything in my house, so I just dumped a bunch of sugar into an old, clean, pasta sauce jar, added the hot water, shook it up, and dumped it in the pitcher. Do the exact same thing, one more time.

Then since everything is so concentrated I added about a cup to two cups of water, just because it’s so tart. Trust me when I say you want it this way. If you add too much sugar because you tasted it at this step and thought it was too tart, you’ll be sorry when you add the vodka. The vodka is really sweet and you’ll need all the acid to cut that sweetness.

Rip up about 5 or 6 mint leaves and throw those in the pitcher and mix it all up.

Grab a glass, put some ice in it. Pour two shots of grapefruit vodka over the ice. Strain your lemonade and pour it in the cup with the vodka. Add a mint leaf and lemon wedge for garnish, and enjoy!

(I only half strained mine- I’m a pulp person, what can I say?)

You can also add Sprite or 7up to this instead of vodka and have a nice little virgin Pink Rhino as well. What kid doesn’t love their very own special drink concocted just for them?

Enjoy y’all!

And cheers!!


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