Why I chose an Amazon registry (as opposed to a traditional registry)

This post contains affiliate links.

It’s no secret that I love Amazon. 9 times out of 10, you can find what you’re looking for cheaper than in store, and it gets sent directly to your house, so I don’t have to pack the baby up and try to entertain while I’m trying to shop. It’s perfect. I can shop from the comfort of my own couch. When I learned about an Amazon Baby Registry, I was all about it. But why would I choose that registry over, say, Target, or Buy Buy Baby. I have a few reasons.

My family and friends are spread out all over the countryside. I had just moved to across country (from Phoenix to a small town in Indiana) to be closer to my mom. My brother and his girlfriend were living in Kansas at the time. My grandparents are in Florida. Obviously not everyone was going to make it to the baby shower, but everyone still wanted to be a part of the celebration. With an Amazon registry I didn’t have to try to find a brick and mortar store that was in everyone’s town. It’s super easy to log on, pick what you want to order, and they’ll even ship it straight to the owner of the registry. Genius.

The free Amazon baby box after someone bought one item off my registry. I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for free stuff and this baby box did not disappoint. I actually signed up for several registries just for the free welcome bag, but didn’t use them. Amazon’s welcome box was by far the best.

The wide variety of products. Probably the most annoying thing is when you’ve seen something somewhere that you’re absolutely dying to have because it’s just so cute but then the store your registered at doesn’t carry it. That doesn’t happen with Amazon. There’s literally millions of products to chose from.

You aren’t nailed down to store hours to create your registry. When I was pregnant I was the night manager of a bar. That means I’m getting home at 5 am, sleeping until noon, getting back up and doing it all over again. I’m not skipping sleep to be able to create a registry. I’m freaking exhausted as it is. I could edit my registry from my phone as often as I wanted, without having to ever step foot in a store between 9am to 9 pm. Thank the Lord! Couldn’t sleep? Lay in bed and work on my registry. Have a few minutes before work? Add those couple things I forgot. It was great. I know that Target has recently added this to their app, but again, I just had so many more options with Amazon.

I feel like Amazon is cheaper. Whether it actually is, I don’t know. But I always feel like I’m getting way more for my money. Especially with baby gear. I mean, all of that crap is just outrageously priced anyway. Walk into a Buy Buy Baby and try to find me a reasonably priced item. I dare you.

They give you a completion discount, just like brick and mortar stores. I love discounts and saving money. Amazon  gives you a discount on your remaining items on your registry after your shower is over.

When people purchase things like diapers on your registry, you earn points towards future purchases. Once again, discounts. And the people purchasing things off your registry are not only helping you right now, but down the road when you need more of those baby essentials. It’s a double whammy.

My friends and family are busy people, too. Chances are if I’m having a problem finding the time to get to the store to make a registry, my friends and family are going to have to find the time to make a special trip to the store. They work full-time jobs too, have kids, and various other commitments. They’re already taking time out of their day to come to the shower, I don’t want to take away any more family time by making them plan a trip to the store as well. Understand that my husband and I work opposite shifts, I’m getting in to bed when he’s getting up to go to work in the morning. Our family time is very limited and very precious to us, so I really try to value others’ family time as well.

All in all, it worked great for us. It was so simple to just be able to send a link whenever someone asked where I was registered, and I really think it was significantly easier for our guests too!

I’d love to hear about your registries and why you loved them! Leave me a comment.

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