Money Saving Apps Round-Up

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A few months ago I did a quick little post about an app that I started using to save money that helped us pay for my step daughter’s birthday party. Since then I’ve found a couple more apps that I use to cut down on the amount of money we spend on groceries. It takes a few extra minutes but last month we were running a little short since we had to pay to get plates on my car renewed, and I was able to transfer an extra $60 out of the apps, into the bank account in order to get us to pay day. Totally worth the extra time. Here’s the list of the apps that totally saved our ass last month. Download them and try them out! It all adds up quick!

1. Ibotta

I already did a quick little blurb about this one, you can find it here. But to be honest it’s the app that adds up the fastest. They offer more cash back offers than any other app including “any item” offers; where it can be any brand. They even do free product promotions where they give you 100% of the amount you spent, back on that item. Last month I got free yogurt, this month I got free mayonnaise. You can withdraw your cash after you’ve saved up $20. I save mine for a rainy day and then transfer it to my paypal account when I’m ready. Another cool thing is that Ibotta gives you your first $10 for free if you type in the referral code, kmnofyn. That means you only need to redeem a few offers to be able to cash out and have a nice, new, crisp $20 in your pocket.

2. Fetch Rewards

This one made it to the top of the list because you earn points just by uploading your receipts. You don’t even have to buy any of the brands they promote. They’ll still give you points which you later decide how you’d like to receive that money (I always chose Amazon gift cards- surprise, surprise!). Another plus is that you don’t have to collect points forever to be able to cash out. You only need enough points to add up to $3, which I earned a few days after downloading the app. It doesn’t get any easier than this! They also run a promotion where they give their new users 2,000 points (it translates to $2) with the code V6NJQ. Upload a few receipts and you’re already at your $3 mark!

3. SavingStar

I like this one because you only need to save $5 before you can cash out, and you can also hook it up to your paypal. There aren’t as many offers as Ibotta, but you also don’t have to wait for that $20 mark. It’s the same general setup up as Ibotta as well, you pick the offers, scan the products to make sure they match, then submit your receipt. Unfortunately, unlike the first two, SavingStar does not have a new customer bonus. But they do run different promotions so even though they aren’t giving you anything free to use their application, I’ve still saved plenty of money.

4. Checkout 51

This one is another app a lot like Ibotta, but they generally have more coupons on fresh items, and I feel more of a variety. They change their offers weekly, often depending on the time of year and what people are buying the most of. This one you do have to wait until you hit $20, but same deal- you can send it to your paypal account (or use it as a great excuse to shop around on Amazon… Not that I know anyone that does that or anything… Cough, cough). Checkout 51 doesn’t have a new customer bonus but you can submit any grocery receipt that’s over $60 for a chance to win $500. They allow you one entry per week, so there’s some potential for a pretty great payout.

5. Krazy Coupon Lady

I check this app every time before I go shopping. Pick the stores you visit the most and they tell you exactly what coupons to use to get items for cheap and sometimes free! This is the one I used constantly in my extreme couponner days. If it’s a printable coupon she even includes the link for you! She’s a life saver, let me tell ya. Another great thing about the app is that you can search for what you need. Let’s say you’re running low on toilet paper, you can search deals for toilet paper and see where you can get the most bang-for-your-buck this week.


This is a relatively new app. I’m still getting used to it to be honest, and since I’m a Kroger shopper I really haven’t gotten much practice. But I have used it a few times when I went to Walmart. The tricky thing with this one is that you have to select which offers you want before you buy them… So it requires a little bit of planning. This is where using your Krazy Coupon Lady app comes into play. Use the KCL app to figure out what’s on sale and what deals you want to cash in on, then select those offers in your app. Go to the store, buy the items you need, and upload your receipt. The great thing about this one is that they deposit the money you saved directly into your paypal account within days. That’s right! You don’t have to request your money, they automatically give it to you. No waiting until you’ve saved, $5, $10, or even $20. Now the bad news, if you’re a Kroger shopper like me, Kroger doesn’t participate in this app (bummer, I know). But when I do make my occasional Walmart tip, this is a great go-to. You can also use their app to print coupons from your phone (as long as you’re hooked up to a wireless printer). You should know that started as a website that allows you to print all the coupons your little heart desires. Different retailers have different rules on how many of the same printed coupon you can use in a trip (I know this because Kroger only allows you to use two of the same printed coupon). So before you go crazy printing all the coupons, make sure you check your favorite store’s coupon policy (which can all be found on your Krazy Coupon Lady app).

Those are all my couponing apps that are in heavy rotation! If I find any more that are worthy of being on this list I will most definitely continue to update it. For that matter, if you have a couponing app that you love that I didn’t mention, tell me! I’d love to try it out!


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